I'm Jackie, a partner with Lucky Locks®, available for events, parties and appointments in Seattle, WA and the East Side

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Note: This page will be updated on a regular basis with new eventsShe Shed Shimmer Pop up!
Saturday, Jan 20
226 8th ave, Kirkland, WA
***Galentines Day!
Saturday, February 3
2-5 pm
Big Block Brewing Redmond
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What are Lucky Locks?

Lucky Locks® are fine threads of silk made for your hair coated in a multitude of sparkly and shining colors. The sparkles are fine strands of heat-resistant, dye-resistant and chemical -resistant sparkley silk tied to one strand of hair and last until that hair sheds. They can be placed as a subtle statement for you to rock every day, or placed boldly for an event you really want to shine for.Unlike plastic hair tinsel, Lucky Locks’ sparkles are soft, flexible, and lightweight, so they take on the personality of any hair shape. They are low maintenance hair flair for every hair type.There are no beads, glues, or loops to avoid with our installation method, as each individual thread is tied securely to a single strand of your hair and will last until you naturally shed that hair. They can last a day to a year, though a few clients are still finding sparkles placed over 2 years ago!

Service Package Pricing
10 strands for $30
20 strands for $60
30 strands for $90
(and so on)
Standard package pricing can be referenced for pop-ups and private appointments. The minimum for a private appointment is currently 30 strands.The hourly rate for host paid events is $200. One hour includes around 50 sparkles that can be divided how you wish.



Lucky Locks® sparkles are carefully attached to a single strand of hair, & their longevity depends on that individual hair's attachment to you.
With our installation technique, your sparkles can never slide out, they will only shed out when your hair falls from it's root.
The volume of each person's shedding is dependent on many factors - hair type, hair care, age, nutritional health, hormones, season, lifestyle, etc.
Depending on your personal shedding cycle, our sparkles can stay with you anywhere from a few weeks to several years!
For most adults with healthy hair, sparkles will stay for 3-6 months. For kids, sparkles can stay a few weeks to 2 months.
To minimize shedding, use a brush with flexible bristles, and rather than beginning at the roots, hold small portions of your hair in a fist & brush the ends of your hair that are sticking out of your fist first, working up toward the roots. Once you make it to the roots, anchor the roots with one hand and brush with the other. This way, when you hit a snag, it pulls from your grip rather than from the hair's root. Once all tangles are out, you can safely brush at the roots.
In the first few days to a week, you may shed about 1-2 sparkles per every 5-10 you get installed, stay calm, this is very normal (: Your Sparkler buffers this fallout by gifting you a few extra sparkles on top of what you've paid for.
When you lose a sparkle, don't be sad, just make a wish.
You can keep your sparkles in a magical jar, attempt to attach it to your pet, your friend, a doll, or simply toss.
Your sparkles are heat resistant for curling & ironing with hair tools.
In fact, your sparkles may get wrinkled over time, so we recommend using a hair iron to smooth them out. Do make sure to apply heat to sparkles while padded by your hair.
Lucky Locks' sparkles are also dye & bleach resistant.